mTelehealth Overview

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mTelehealth facilitates two-way communication between consumers and
providers of health and wellness programs in a user-friendly manner.


  • New Technology
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Users
  • Real-time reporting of information
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Simple Implementation


mTelehealth System Powered by aTouchAway™® at a Glance

The mTelehealth Remote Health Monitoring System Powered by aTouchAway™ provides a complete solution to remotely collect, store and report timely and accurate health information anywhere.

  • The mTelehealth Solution Powered by aTouchAway™ is a Mobile Wireless Health Monitoring System which links patients, families and healthcare providers, using cellular technology to remotely collect, store and report timely, accurate health information anywhere.
  • The mTelehealth Solution Powered by aTouchAway™ can assist in maintaining wellness programs and offers healthcare professionals an effective tool to help manage patient populations afflicted with chronic diseases. A key component of the mTelehealth Solution is the aTouchAway™ platform.
  • The aTouchAway™ web portal provides clinicians with the ability to monitor and manage medical information collected through the aTouchAway™ System. Readings can also be stored in an electronic personal health record, such as Microsoft® HealthVault™.
  • The easy-to-use devices for patients, combined with the robust online management tools for care professionals, can help improve patient compliance and reduce healthcare costs.

A Mobile / Wireless Remote Monitoring Solution

The benefits of home health monitoring have been demonstrated with first generation telehealth systems, now wireless mHealth solutions can extend these benefits to a larger patient population than previously practical.

An effective wireless health monitoring solution should connect patients and healthcare providers efficiently. The demand for wireless medical devices has seen significant growth in recent years and is expected to continue to increase by 58 percent every year, over the next five years. (Source: FDA News)

Current home health monitoring systems have shown that there are many diseases that can be managed by patients, at home, in coordination with their health care providers. aTouchAway’s unique wireless technology extends these benefits. Most existing home health monitoring solutions are hard-wired via a telephone line to the patient’s home, limiting their freedom and mobility. While these limitations present challenges in maintaining patient compliance, the portability of the mTelehealth Solution Powered by aTouchAway™ wireless monitoring can reduce or eliminate those compliance challenges.

When patients are compliant and regularly monitored, the benefits are two-fold. To begin with, the patient’s quality of life can be improved through a slower progression of their diseases. Secondly, healthcare costs can decrease, as patients are delayed or kept from assuming costlier disease states, resulting in fewer doctor office visits and hospital stays.

The mTelehealth Solution Powered by aTouchAway™ offers portable, easy-to-use devices and a robust web-based monitoring application to deliver the first truly effective, end-to-end mobile, wireless health monitoring system.

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