Workflows Simplifying Post-Operative Management

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Workflows Simplifying Post-Operative Management

What exactly is a workflow?

A workflow is a defined process that outlines a series of different tasks, how they are to be undertaken, in what sequence and by whom.

Workflows in a healthcare setting can be as simple as a three-stage pain management workflow, or as complex as having many different variables involving multiple stakeholder actions. There are almost limitless possibilities.

With the aTouchAway Enterprise Workflow Engine, workflows can be built quickly and easily to help streamline a variety of different tasks and functions that currently require manual or personnel intervention.

Anyone in the Circle of Care can be included at any point along the workflow timeline, making it ideal for things like automating Consent forms, pushing out questionnaire’s to patients, specifying actions based on results – like what steps need to be taken if someone’s glucose readings are off track.


For patients undergoing knee reconstruction surgery at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, aTouchAway was installed on a mobile tablet and provided to patients before their surgery.

Utilizing the information-sharing component of the app, patients were provided with a walk-through of the aTouchAway platform and detailed documents on what to expect both before and after their surgery.

Postoperatively, patients were discharged from the hospital the same day with an implementation of a custom workflow designed to help gauge and manage pain and nausea medications.

The Workflow, developed in consultation with the surgeon, presents a basic pain rating scale at specific intervals in the patient’s recovery timeline.

Depending on the response from the patient, different pathways are identified for them  – including instructions for medications (prescription and / or over the counter) use and dosages, or triggering notification to their post-operative nursing team.

By utilizing the aTouchAway platform, patients felt more in control of the care. They also reported feeling less anxious – not only about the procedure itself, but also with what they could expect upon returning home and their ability to deal with potential complications.


»  Define the steps and logical paths of a workflow in plain English

– the aTouchAway Workflow Engine will be used to translate to machine language for implementation.

»  Streamline costly and time-consuming tasks and functions that currently require manual or personnel intervention.

» Existing processes can be easily transitioned for virtually any process-oriented use case. Data can be tracked, audited and used for value-stream mapping or trending data.

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