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Telehealth to Grow Six-Fold By 2017

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Remote patient monitoring will ramp up worldwide, largely driven by U.S hospitals working to reduce readmissions and avoid Medicare penalties, says InMedica study. Surf’s up for telehealth, according to a new report from InMedica, a subsidiary of IMS Research. Defining telehealth narrowly as remote patient monitoring (RPM), InMedica predicts that it...

Keeping Up with Telemedicine Rules

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This article appears in the October issue of HealthLeaders magazine. In 2012, California’s Center for Connected Health Policy became the federally designated National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, which provides technical assistance to 12 Regional Telehealth Resource Centers nationwide. Recently, CCHP completed an analysis of all Medicaid policies related to telehealth across...

30 Days to Make a Difference: Evaluating the 30-Day Effects of a Comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring, Shortened Provider Feedback Interval, and Patient Engagement and Education Program on Hypertensive Patients

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Vitaphone sponsors a pilot program which demonstrates how remote patient monitoring (RPM) positively impacts a group of Hypertension patients in just 30 days by: Engaging patients with their chronic condition management, reducing the response time interval in real-time by the healthcare provider on their condition status and lastly, improving...

What is Telehealth?

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Remote Patient Monitoring Monitoring programs collect important patient data, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and electrocardiograms. This data is then transmitted to health professionals in facilities such as monitoring centers in hospitals and intensive care units, skilled nursing facilities, and...

13 States Work Up Telehealth Legislation

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Published on Government Health IT ( By Erin McCann, Contributing Editor Already this year, some 13 states, plus the District of Columbia, have introduced legislation that would further expand the usage and reimbursement of telemedicine services. The Maryland state legislature last week gave the green light to legislation that would require the...

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