Pathways of Care

Pathways of Care

A care pathway is a package that includes assessment material, a workflow that describes the flow of actions based on conditions that the care team, patients, and other members of the circle of care will be guided by, and the education material required to help with understanding.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Pathway of Care

The COPD care pathway runs a daily patient assessment and will guide on actions to take to avoid readmission to hospital. Patient status will be color coded and notifications delivered to the care team on criticality of the intervention required. The patient will be presented with educational material based on symptoms identified in order to help address the issues and avoid a visit to the clinic. The pathway includes educational material on inhalers, breathing positions, and others.

Diabetes Pathway of Care

The diabetes care pathway runs a multiple daily assessment of glucose level check. The workflow invites the patient to enter its glucose level and based on the value will provide direction to the patient on the next steps and will alert the care team. Patient color status is available. Actions to patients can be to reduce insulin level, review care plan, and read about resources. Actions can also be to remind about insulin, increase insulin, have a snack, or others. In the context where the care coordinator or diabetes educator is notified, a virtual call may be scheduled for a follow-up.


Multiple Condition Pathway of Care

In the context where patients have multiple diseases this pathway includes a workflow that will assess daily a patient for Heart Failure, COPD, and Diabetes. The workflow can be personalized for patient base conditions across multiple diseases or customized to their specifics around heart failure, COPD or diabetes. The pathway includes educational material to help with diet, breathing condition, exercise, and others. Patient color status available and notification to the care team available.

COVID-19 Staff Screening Pathway of Care

For COVID-19, Aetonix developed a workflow to help assess on a daily basis if the staff of a home care agency or hospital can return to work through a set of questions and temperature measurement. The tool helps with staff management and coordination. The workflow will assist the triage team to set meetings with the employee, complete consultation, and decide on a safe return to work date.

COVID staff

Mechanical Ventilation Pathway of Care

The pathway supports patients using ventilation equipment at home to receive remote patient support by their care team. The pathway includes educational material to guide the patient or caregiver to understand better how to use ventilation equipment. The pathway includes a workflow that will guide the patient on assessment to complete but also on how to use the ventilation equipment. When plan deviations occur, the patient will be color coded as status and notification will be provided to the care team for intervention.

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