Nonagon Care at Hand

The future of health is in your hands

Medical exams from your smartphone to your physician

Care at Hand

Nonagon – Care at Hand

Clinically Accurate

Conduct 9 examinations with ease through your smartphone


Intuitive app guides you through the examination process


Receive diagnosis and treatment with quick turn-around time

Choose Where & When
To Receive Care

Using a convenient device, paired with your smartphone, you can conduct multiple, clinically-accurate physical exams wherever and whenever you want.

This provides the physician with the information they need to accurately diagnose your illness and swiftly provide the support you need, where you need it.

A Comprehensive Solution for Remote Health Care

Record abdominal sounds
Photograph the throat
Record Temperature
Photograph the skin
Check saturation level
Record lung sounds
Listen to your heart
Photograph the inner ear
Nonagon – Care at Hand

It’s like having a medical office right in your living room. With this device, providers can get key biometric data regarding what is happening with your body and make better decisions on how to serve our patients best.

– Dr. Richard Harris, MD, PharmD, MBA

Revolutionizing Telehealth for Physicians

Nonagon offers physicians a cloud-based, personalized interface, allowing them to easily and seamlessly provide care from their clinic, home or wherever they choose.

Nonagon – Care at Hand