Nonagon Use Cases

Expand Your Network of Care

Nonagon Use Cases

Nonagon – Use Cases

Home Health & Hospital at Home

    • Provide on-demand medical exams to your patients.
    • Monitor post-op patients and those with chronic conditions.
    • Improve level of care, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Nonagon – Use Cases

Traveling Nurses & Mobile Clinics

    • Provide nurses with access to on-demand clinician and specialist consults.
    • Improve level of care.
    • Reduce visits to the ER.
Nonagon – Use Cases

School Clinics

    • Provide remote medical exams to students and faculty.
    • Increase school telehealth coverage with a portable, affordable solution.
    • Improve student care and reduce absenteeism.

Employer Worksites

    • Provide employers with access to on-demand medical exams and telehealth visits conducted by your physicians.
    • Reduce unnecessary visits to urgent care and the ER.
    • Improve employer productivity and reduce absenteeism while expanding your patient base.
Nonagon – Use Cases

Urgent Care

    • Provide expert consults and second opinions when needed and timely.
    • Reduce on-site staffing needs, and improve load balancing.
    • Reduce patient wait times.

Long-Term Care

    • Provide patients with on-demand medical exams with a doctor or specialist.
    • Reduce on-site staffing requirements.
    • Improve level of care.