Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Patients with multiple chronic conditions have complicated care needs. We help your remote patients adhere to complex care programs through telehealth, care coordination, remote patient monitoring, and education.

Better Care Outcomes

Educating patients, engaging them in their own care, and taking timely actions all contribute to better health outcomes.

Better Care Outcomes
Reduced Readmission-1

Reduced Readmissions

Patients with multiple chronic conditions are often readmitted to hospital as a result of unexpected changes to their health. Engaging and monitoring these patients helps to detect problems early and avoid unnecessary readmission.

Reduced Costs

Traveling to conduct patient visits costs time and money. Replacing in-person visits with online assessments increases efficiency and minimizes expenses.

Reduced Costs

Efficiencies for Every Stakeholder

Cost Efficiencies

Affordable and easy-to-use, the aTouchAway platform dramatically improves per-patient per-month (PMPM) expenses.

Compliance & Adherence

Monitor client medications, appointments, and self-care activities – in one convenient place.

Everyone, on the Same Page. Instantly.

Streamline information sharing and outreach to care team members and patients.

Connecting the team improves outcomes

Connecting Care Teams with each other and their patients allows for individualized, flexible care that’s accessible, scaleable, and pro-active.


Virtual check-ins

Check-in with patients anytime with visual context via live video calls. Reassure and respond quickly to patient concerns – cutting down on emergency visits or unnecessary office visits.

Flexibility & Scale

Manage your patient’s care and communicate with specialists, care team members from virtually anywhere, on your schedule.  With the time and money saved on office visits, you’ll be able to support those patients still waiting for care.


Help Patients Help Themselves

  • Help clients keep track of medications, self-care activity, appointments, custom alerts, and notifications.
  • Monitor compliance, track progress, modify pathways.
  • Ask for self-assessments for things like Pain Scale Ratings, mood levels, activity reporting, etc., fully customizable with easy-to-follow rating scales and yes/no question modeling.
  • Provide notes, images, or educational information.

Simplifying Interactions

“What we’ve started to do is figure out ways these new types of technology – like apps and wearables – can make healthcare better.” Learn how Women’s College Hospital is using new innovations to move towards a “virtual hospital” model.


Integrate Home Health and Wearable Devices

Patients can measure and share their health indicators without leaving their own living room.

aTouchAway is able to acquire, track, and report data from devices measuring the following Vital Health Indicators :

  • Oxygen Saturation Levels
  • Heart / Pulse Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Body Temperature
  • Weight
  • Activity / Step Counting

Coordinated Care Plans

Develop and share individual Care Plans for your patients in aTouchAway.  Authorized members of your patients’ Circle of Care will be able to view, modify or add to the Plan – in one, always up-to-date location.


Get Started!

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