8 recent studies to know

Eight studies to know that Becker’s has reported on since Dec. 1: 

  1. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that roughly 370,000 patients per year may be harmed as a result of misdiagnosis in U.S. emergency departments. 
  2. A study conducted by Boston-based Harvard Medical School found that using telehealth can reduce primary care spending through lower emergency department utilization and inpatient hospitalizations. 
  3. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study regarding two new defibrillation methods improving survivability and neurological outcomes.  
  1. Epic Research reports that most telehealth visits don’t require an in-person follow-up visit.
  2. Researchers at Ann Arbor-based University of Michigan found the number of “high intensity” bills for emergency room patients is on the rise.
  3. Boston-based Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute conducted a study showing how socioeconomic factors drive telehealth service disparities. 
  1. The Journal of Pediatric Surgery reports that children of color are less likely to have elective surgeries.
  2. A recent study in JAMA found that medical terminology used by physicians often confuses patients, affecting care.