Best telehealth practices for physicians, per the AMA

Claire Wallace – Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 

About 85 percent of U.S. surgeons are using telehealth in some capacity, according to the American Medical Association’s “2021 Telehealth Survey Report,” with 80 percent saying telehealth gives patients better access to care. 

As telehealth becomes more common, there are several ways physicians can optimize the experience for themselves and their patients, according to a Jan. 10 article on the AMA’s website: 

1. Use a unified platform to integrate patient data. Using a platform allows for integration between all partnering physicians, and it keeps information secure and in one place, alleviating administrative burdens. 

2. Consider the user experience of the chosen telehealth platform. Is it easy to access? Is it reliable? What are patients saying in surveys and online comments? Is it accessible for all patients, even those with vision or hearing impairments? 

3. Beyond telehealth usability, make sure basic technical issues are solved before going into a patient appointment. Give patients undivided time and attention during an appointment, even if it is easier to get distracted in a virtual format. 

4. Have a responsive support team that sends follow-ups. Create a streamlined way for patients to communicate directly with the practice after care.