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Every day, healthcare practitioners explore new ways to use technology to reduce readmission rates and improve patient care. One of the most common causes of unnecessary hospitalizations are chronic diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). As a result, COPD hospitalizations are creating an enormous strain on healthcare systems. To combat this, Aetonix required a technology it could rely on to develop a connected care solution and remote health monitoring that would improve the quality of care from hospital to home.

Samsung Solution

Seeing an opportunity to leverage innovative digital technology, Samsung partnered with Aetonix on its aTouchAway Enterprise platform to help them create greater connectivity for patients, as well as for nurses, caregivers and doctors through mobile remote patient monitoring solutions. Aetonix aims to address the increasing demands for caregiving solutions for home caregivers and for those in group facility settings, regardless of geographical distance between caregiver and the cared for. Using products such as Samsung Galaxy tablets and the easy to use, connected and secure technology, patients can become more engaged and empowered in their recovery and care. in group facility settings, regardless of geographical distance between caregiver and the cared for.


The integration and deployment of Samsung technology and devices has allowed Aetonix to deliver on its goals of simplifying the complexity of chronic care at home, while also heightening the patient experience and reducing the burden COPD places on an already strained healthcare system. Due to seamless, secure and cutting-edge technology from Samsung, patients can reimagine healthcare and participate in their own treatment in new ways.

The Customer Need

North America is experiencing a crisis in its healthcare system, specifically regarding its shortage of hospital beds. One of the most common causes of unnecessary hospitalizations is chronic diseases, such as COPD. In fact, when considering all chronic diseases, COPD is the number one reason for hospitalizations in Canada[1], attributing for the largest volume of readmissions and the largest number of return visits. In an effort to reduce patient wait times, unnecessary readmissions and to enhance patient care, Aetonix identified a need to incorporate innovative mobile technology, allowing patients the opportunity to take a more active role in their own care.
As a leading-edge company motivated to advance patient care, Aetonix, in collaboration with one of its patients, built aTouchAway Remote Patient Monitoring platform to connect care teams with their COPD outpatients and families at home. Aetonix strived to provide a platform that was reliable, impactful and user-friendly for patients, while providing benefit to medical professionals and bettering the larger Canadian healthcare system.


Aetonix partnered with Samsung to leverage its fast and reliable technology to create an exceptional healthcare experience for patients and medical professionals in Canada alike. Mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy tablets, enable care providers to access electronic health records, complete documentation at bedside, share patient data with the home office in real time, and ultimately, see more patients. Additionally, Samsung Knox keeps care providers’ tablets secure, while allowing systems administrators to customize the device look and feel, remove bloatware and more.
Integrating dependable technology and leading-edge products from Samsung, as well as tapping into its wealth of healthcare technology expertise, allowed Aetonix to deliver on its mission of addressing the increasing demands for caregiving solutions for home caregivers and for those in group facility settings, revolutionizing the way that families, healthcare professionals and caregivers and those who are cared for complete the circle of care. This was achieved through its face-to-face aTouchAway, which empowers patients with chronic conditions to become more engaged in their own care, reducing patients’ anxieties and elevating the healthcare experience.
Beyond heightening the patient experience, Samsung technology paired with Aetonix also allows hospitals and healthcare providers to reduce the necessity of in-person follow-up care and hospital readmission rates. This allows healthcare professionals the opportunity to simplify and streamline patient care, while significantly reducing costs and barriers to effective healthcare practices.

The Results

Optimizing the healthcare experience

Samsung innovation and healthcare technology expertise, paired with Aetonix’s incredible aTouchAway platform, has allowed Aetonix to transform and simplify the healthcare system for those dealing with chronic COPD, reflecting a comfortable, patient-centric healthcare experience it strives to provide its patients with.

Comfortable patient experience

Those who suffer from COPD are subjected to constant pain and discomfort, which causes patients to experience anxiety, worry and an overall lack of control over their own care. By introducing aTouchAway from Aetonix on mobile devices, patients are empowered to become engaged in their own care, and have reported reduced levels of anxiety, increased feelings of control and a heightened level of preparedness, without any sacrifice to the quality of care they receive from healthcare professionals. Further, the integration of technology in hospitals, allows healthcare professionals the ability to provide their patients with tailored healthcare solutions.

Streamlined and cost-effective healthcare system

Patient engagement is critical to improving a strained healthcare system, as engaged healthcare users are more likely to comply with treatment plans and preventative care, and they are less likely to be readmitted. With hospital readmission rates accounting for the most expensive form of care, a reduction in these reoccurring visits allows the healthcare system to save billions of dollars over the course of a few years. This also enables healthcare professionals to be more productive with their time, as they are able to easily communicate with their patients, preventing complications and ensuring that patients are adhering to their treatment plans.

A strategically reimagined take on healthcare

Aetonix aims to revolutionize and complete the circle of care, making healthcare a more positive and comforting experience. By partnering with Samsung, Aetonix was able to utilize the brand’s strengths, expertise and technologies to aid in crafting a renowned solution that reimagines the healthcare system – improving the quality and efficiency of care, expanding access to care, and ultimately, transforming the patient experience into a new level of unprecedented care.

[1] As per aTouchAway and Aetonix documentation citing the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

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