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Timely, Regular Doctor Visits Could Reduce Readmissions at Nursing Homes

With the increased premium placed on preventing rehospitalizations from skilled nursing facilities, timely interventions from a doctor can potentially make a major difference. Between 2012 and 2014, about 10.4% of residents did not see a physician at all during their time in the skilled nursing facility, according to a...

Congress Eyes Another Shot at Telehealth for SNFs with RUSH Act Return

Lawmakers are poised to reintroduce the RUSH Act, which aims to give SNFs more incentives to use telehealth and telemedicine to improve patient care and reduce rehospitalizations. By Eric Wicklund March 04, 2019 – A proposal to give skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) more incentives to use telehealth and telemedicine will...

CMS Looks to Expand 3-Day SNF Waivers, Encourage Risk with New ACO Models

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Friday finalized its new set of rules for accountable care organizations (ACOs), removing the no-risk tracks that represented financial drains on Medicare and expanding three-day stay waivers for nursing homes. Under the new “Pathways to Success” model, most new ACOs...

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