Technology Might Give Elders Independence

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I found this wonderful commentary on the HealthyCal site which provides excellent insight into the continued development and growth of the telehealth industry and how it is affecting it’s target demographic:
Posted By Dan On July 10, 2011 @ 9:24 pm In California Health Report

By Matt Perry

Two generations of computer-savvy gamers and networkers have teased their parents and grandparents about a lack of technological skill, but the coming “silver tsunami” of aging Americans may claim ultimate victory by conjuring up the wizards of digital health. 

In what is being called “connected independence,” more seniors are staying right where they want…

CMS Encourages Telehealth Use

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Although this article “sounds” encouraging from it’s title, CMS has a loooooong way to go:

by Geralyn Magan at LeadingAge.comPublished On: May 26, 2011

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced in early May 2011 that is was streamlining the telemedicine physician-credentialing process, advocates for telehealth couldn’t have been happier. The new rules, which become effective in August 2011, will make it easier for hospitals to use telehealth services like video conferencing to connect rural patients with specialists based in metropolitan areas.

The old telehealth rules require that physicians and…

Report: Telehealth a Possible Solution to Health Care Challenges

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Telehealth can be a useful tool for health care providers to address issues related to access and quality of care, resource management and the growing costs of care, according to a report released on Monday by global business technology company CSC, NextGov‘s “Health IT Update” reports (Pulley, “Health IT Update,” NextGov, 6/6).

According to the report — titled “Telemedicine: An Essential Technology for Reformed Healthcare” — global health reform initiatives are changing how care is provided and creating new challenges that telehealth can help to resolve.

Mobile Apps Help Ease Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

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So many studies show how telemonitoring of CHF patients can improve their health outcomes.  Here’s another as reported by

Mobile Apps Help Ease Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

A UCLA study suggests that linking mobile sensors that monitor
physiological functions and physical activities to smartphones may help reduce
the risk of rehospitalization.

By Neil Versel, June 20, 2011
Wireless sensors that monitor  physiological functions and physical activities can help reduce symptoms of  congestive heart failure and potentially prevent many hospital readmissions, a  new study suggests.

Researchers at the UCLA Wireless Health Institute and the UCLA School of…

New Mexico Telehealth Program Shows Promise for Chronic Illness Care

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Here’s another example of the succesful implementation of telehealth products and services from iHealthBeat:

May 20, 2011 – Topic: Telehealth

A New Mexico-based program that uses telehealth technology and case-based  learning helped increase the number of consultations provided for hepatitis C  and other chronic diseases, according to a new Health Affairs study, CMIO reports (CMIO, 5/20).

About the Project

The initiative — called Project ECHO, or Extension for Community Healthcare  Outcomes — enables specialists from the University of New Mexico Health  Sciences Center to partner…

Telehealth Reduces Mortality Rates, Length of Stay for ICU Patients

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Telehealth services used in intensive care units are associated with lower  mortality rates and shorter hospital stays, according to a study published in the Journal of the  American Medical Association, HealthDay reports (Dallas, HealthDay,  5/16).
Study Details
The study was conducted at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical  Center (Kowalczyk, “White Coat Notes,” Boston Globe, 5/16). A telehealth  program was implemented at seven ICUs at the center over the course of a year  (Conn, Modern Healthcare, 5/17).
For the study, health care…

Telemedicine Group Asks CMS to Make Changes to Accountable Care Rules

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As reported by iHealthBeat on Tuesday, April 26th:

The American Telemedicine Association is asking CMS to waive certain Medicare  telehealth regulations in the recently proposed rules governing accountable care  organizations, Modern Physician reports.
In a letter to CMS Administrator Donald Berwick, the  association said CMS’ proposed ACO regulations included “restriction-riddled”  telehealth rules, which among other things would not allow Medicare  reimbursement for more than 12 telehealth-aided services, including analysis of  computer-based clinical data and hospital discharge services (Carlson, Modern  Physician, 4/25).
The association proposed five changes to…

Survey: 13 Percent of Health Devices are Connected

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As reported by mobiHealthNews, this study clearly indicates the direction of telehealth:

By: Brian Dolan | Apr 18, 2011 11:14am EST

A recent IDC survey confirms that there is still a lot of growth potential for adoption of personal health monitoring services among consumers.

IDC Health Insight’s latest study based on an online survey of 1,200 people explores consumer’s health technology use and purchase behavior of personal health and fitness monitoring, mobile health applications, medical care in non-traditional settings, personal health records and aging in place technologies.

Only 15.3 percent of the respondents…

“Digital Divide” Appears to Exist in Adoption of Online Personal Health

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The Health Reform Act will provide BILLIONS of dollars towards the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR’s) throughout the Country in physician’s office and hospitals.  It will also lead to integration and interoperability with personal health records (PHR’s) maintained by individuals and containing their medical information.  However, a recent study, as reported by Medical News Today shows the unfortunate disparity that exists amoungst access to a PHR.

The article can be found here ( and reads as follows:

28 Mar 2011

Despite increasing Internet availability, the…

Telehealth bill aims to expand health IT access for home care providers

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Here we go again….  Will the bill survive?

Telehealth bill aims to expand health IT access for home care providers

 Home care providers in rural areas and other underserved communities may soon be eligible to receive Medicare payments for audio and video home monitoring under a Senate bill reintroduced last week after going nowhere in three recent sessions of Congress.

Sponsors John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, and Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, hope the fourth try will yield success for the measure to help elderly Americans remain in their homes without increasing government health costs. The…

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